The world was her oyster, so she took it…

I dreamt of a life where I could live creatively. Since then, I’ve been working hard to pursue my photography business and continue what I enjoy most, writing. You can say that words come natural to me, but I’d be lying, because that’s not always the case. Sometimes I struggle, and if you know me in real life, you know this to be very true. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy sharing my thoughts, knowledge, and passion with other folks.

If you’re here, you probably found me via Instagram. That means you’re wanting to dig deeper into who I am, what I do and what are my skills. Currently, I am a photographer for couples in love, creative individuals, and small businesses. If you’re here because you want to book me, click on the “send me a message” link in the footer. Let’s chat over coffee or while hiking a new trail.

If you’re here and not interested in services, feel free to poke around. Either way I’m happy you stopped by.